The construction on a long wheelbase gives an additional space and increases driving comfort. Additional functionality thanks to the system of sliding seats with the possibility of quick disassembly. CAMPER FLEX type conversion based on the long version of the vehicle offer additional free space, as well as an enlarged trunk, more cabinets and storage compartments, and other practical solutions. A very important element is the complete furniture construction of the highest quality made of lightweight plywood with damage-resistant CPL laminate.





  • Additional free space, an enlarged trunk, more cabinets and storage compartments, and other practical solutions.
  • Increased driving comfort.
  • Possibility of using the vehicle on a daily basis, e.g. in commuting or a weekend trip outside the city and during holidays as a comfortable camper.
  • The compact dimensions of the vehicle make it easier to drive, maneuver or park in the city.
  • All the most important elements of large motorhomes or camping trailers available in the compact version of a regular bus.
  • Comfortable space for 4-5 people.
  • Possibility of creating sleeping places for 4-5 people and standing places in the vehicle due to the installation of a sleeping pop-up roof or a pop-up roof of the SCA brand
  • Additional 12V / 230V electrical installation with battery as standard.
  • Certified turntables for seats in the driver's and passenger's cabin.
  • Large DOMETIC CRX 50 compressor fridge with removable freezer compartment. Fold-out table for use outside the vehicle.
  • Seats in the rail system in the passenger part tested in accordance with the latest European Standards.
  • The gas cooker, which can also be used outside the vehicle, allows you to enjoy the charms of cooking in the open air, which is very practical, especially in the summer.
  • A wide range of configurations.
  • A rich list of additional options.
  • High quality.
  • Decent price.



ul. Nowa 57, 62-070 Palędzie, POLAND

+48 511 100 616