EASYCAMPER’S Classic model – conversion for 4-5 people

In this version the furniture modules are fitted on the right side of the vehicle. These include:

  • Lockers in the rear of the vehicle, along with space for 5 kg gas cylinder.
  • External shower.
  • Large wardrobe/cupboard are in the central section.
  • Kitchen located in the front.
  • Cooking stove next the side sliding door (convenience to cook both inside and outside the vehicle depending on the weather conditions).
  • The left side of the van holds the bed support with the lower compartments and space for an extra 5kg gas bottle.
  • Between the left and right side of the built-in furniture is the bed base which, when combined with the passenger rear bench seat backrest unfolded, creates a big size bed approx.190cm x 120cm.
  • The large trunk under the bed can be further extended when the beds are folded and extra space is gained for transporting various cargo or bicycle or motorcycle.
  • Central part of the van consists of the original VW seats with 3-point belts, table and seats for the driver and front passenger with certified turntables.
  • The base car, Volkswagen T5 version with short wheelbase (long version is an option too), can be effectively used on a daily basis, for work, transport, shopping, etc. 
    The van can be converted for full enjoyment of the leisure time where it can serve as a functional motorhome, fast, responsive and economical and easily parked.

The solution proposed by Easycamper enables the practical use of the vehicle throughout the year.

From comfortable people mover – to spacious goods transporter – to convenient weekend and holiday campervan!

In Easycamper converted vehicle can sleep 2 adults (+ optional 1 child) or after installation of the SCA roof there is sleeping area for 4 adults (+ optional child).

The benefits of Easycamper high quality and low price conversions are:

  • Every day convenience for transport & business with flexible option to convert & enjoy fishing or camping on the weekend.
  • Compact van dimensions allow for easy parking and manoeuvring city traffic.
  • External appearance of the standard van such as VW T5 is unchanged and inconspicuous.
  • Roof options - SCA roof expands sleeping option to sleep 2 more adults or 3 children – total 4 – 5 people and can be added in the future.
  • Smart placement of the cooking stove by the sliding door, equals the convenience to cook both both inside and outside the vehicle.
  • electrical system 12v / 230v with an additional battery as standard.
  • certified turntables on the chairs and sofa - Volkswagen original standard.
  • high-quality compressor fridge with freezer Dometic WAECO standard.
    (WAECO Refrigerators are used by 90% of camper producers in Europe)
  • Extensive and flexible configuration and extension options.

Easycamper’s specification:

  • Furniture installation: floor, insulation, cabinets, lockers, a large wardrobe and cooking stove, the bed base, bed and table.
  • Number of seats for transporting peoples: 4-5 (depending on whether the based car has a double or single passenger seat).
  • Number of sleeping places in the vehicle: 2 adults + 1 as an option for the child (approx. 143cm x 60cm). The installation of SCA sleeping roof the sleeping option to 4-5 people.



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