Easycamper Kitchen module = multipurpose storage solution

Easycamper Kitchen module is a multipurpose storage solution to fit most vehicles van, minibus and bus. The Easycamper Kitchen offers you portable storage for:

  • Essential appliances: the cooking stove or a compressor fridge or the toilet unit
  • Adjustable compartments for dishes, food, bottles etc

Another unique feature of the Easycamper Kitchen are the two inbuilt tables.




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Connect Easycamperbox with the kitchen module and gain the sofa bed for 2 adults, complete kitchen equipment, inside cooking option, fridge, toilet and numerous storage compartments and lockers!

Easycamperbox PLUS a folded sofa bed for vehicles with a sofa of 3rd row or without it.

Easycamperbox has a number of hidden features in their cupboards.

By moving kitchen equipment into the kitchen Easycamperbox module you will save money and gain a lot of free space for additional things like clothes, accessories, etc.

In addition Easycamperbox offers a space for a fridge, thereby leaving space in the kitchen module for a Dometic toilet or just a free locker. An access to lockers, cabinets and refrigerators located in Easycamperbox is also possible from inside of the vehicle!

By putting a refrigerator into the Easycamperbox you will keep access to it also from inside the vehicle gaining a space in the lower cabinet kitchen module, which you can use to store things or to keep the Dometic toilet.

You can also choose the same folding bed, which works with vehicles with factory 3rd row couch or without an extra seats.



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