Easycamperbox - multipurpose cabinet for vehicles for vans, minivans or a bus.

Innovative solutions, enable users of buses, vans to expand the function of the vehicle into a campervan in a simple and inexpensive way! The contents of the Easycamperbox cabinet you select will provide you with wide range of options such as: cabinet cooker and practical countertop with sink to prepare meals. A large fold-out bed for two people ensures the sleeping comfort! Specially designed space for folding tourist chairs and a table allows full enjoyment of the beauty of outdoors and camping. As an additional option there is a 12v compressor fridge to keep the food fresh and drinks cold all the time. A tap with the shower function adds anther convenience. Additional storage spaces make it possible to organize and store your personal belongings. The fridge and storage units can be accessed from inside the vehicle, as well as in the case of vehicles equipped with rear seats. The Easycamperbox cabinet can be removed in minutes from the car, restoring it to its full original configuration.


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Short specification:

Material: lightweight plywood with laminate (Easycamperbox KITCHEN, inside, a light varnished plywood). High quality hinges (with a silent closing)

Standard equipment of Easycamperbox BASIC: Left drawer with a place for a fridge (access from inside and outside of the vehicle), large central drawer with optional space for the water system, the right drawer for storage of clothes or dishes;

Bottom right drawer with space for cooker. The top flap provide the access to the drawers and the refrigerator from inside of the vehicle. As an additional option it creates a rollaway bed measuring about 190 x 135cm.

Standard equipment of Easycamperbox MULTIVAN: Equipment as above. In addition, there is a standard 7cm comfortable mattress that creates a bed measuring 190cm x 135cm approximately together with standard folded Multivan sofa.

Standard Easycamperbox KITCHEN +: Left drawer with the space for fridge (access from inside and outside of the vehicle), retractable countertop with sink and faucet with an external function of the shower, the lower drawer with water tanks (2x12L), the right drawer with the place, for example for dishes, the bottom right drawer for the oven, place on plates and with the space for cutlery, lower big storage, for example for a small folding chairs and table, two large compartments for clothes with access from inside of the vehicle, integrated folding bed measuring 190cm x 125cm approximately.


Connect Easycamperbox with the kitchen module and gain the sofa bed for 2 adults, complete kitchen equipment, inside cooking option, fridge, toilet and numerous storage compartments and lockers!

Easycamperbox PLUS a folded sofa bed for vehicles with a sofa of 3rd row or without it.

Easycamperbox has a number of hidden features in their cupboards.

By moving kitchen equipment into the kitchen Easycamperbox module you will save money and gain a lot of free space for additional things like clothes, accessories, etc.

In addition Easycamperbox offers a space for a fridge, thereby leaving space in the kitchen module for a Dometic toilet or just a free locker. An access to lockers, cabinets and refrigerators located in Easycamperbox is also possible from inside of the vehicle!

By putting a refrigerator into the Easycamperbox you will keep access to it also from inside the vehicle gaining a space in the lower cabinet kitchen module, which you can use to store things or to keep the Dometic toilet.

You can also choose the same folding bed, which works with vehicles with factory 3rd row couch or without an extra seats.



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